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From authentic desi fruits converted to wine, we’re working towards wine as a culture of healthy celebration, great delicacies, and an all-natural experience without spirit additions!

The Journey Journal

We are redefining the wine landscape with fruity wines that optimize the natural fruit ripening process, and empower wine connoisseurs with added good health!

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Our winery is set surrounded well by the Aravali ranges, on one side you can see mountainous ranges and on the other a river flowing by, while sipping one of our natural fruit wines - it is one of a kind experience.

Kharekhi | A date with dates

Date Wine

Luscious, flavorsome and sweet, dates grown in the dry-arid regions of Kutchch and Rajasthan are a short-lived delicacy after ripening. Here’s our tribute to giving the divine, god-fruit a longer life! Savor the goodness of date fruit, one that improves heart, head, and bone health in a form you’ve never tasted before with the first patented date wine.

Dadambi | Let the happy times start

Pomegranate Wine

Sweet treats of pomegranate are ones we have been savoring, what about giving the fruit a longer life? At Zorba, we believe in living each day to the fullest and giving ourselves a long-lived boost - and such is the goodness of pomegranate wine, without any added spirits, the wine is all-natural and helps to keep your hormones and heart in check!


Salut from the Directors!

Zorba means to live fully, every day. With that philosophy in mind, we have built an entire eco-system that helps farmers optimise their crop by extending the lifespan of the fruit. This ensures, the wine you sip is not just healthy and homegrown, but a sustainable eco-friendly initiative too.

From Kharekh (date fruit) to dadam (pomegranate) and more, we’re looking to give authentic desi fruits a longer life. The first ever winery in Rajasthan is our first step toward making celebrations happier and healthier. Our winery, housed between the Aravali ranges, aims at helping families and groups of friends create memorable moments of togetherness!

The Process

Fruits that ferment quickly needn’t always be dried up... When you convert them into wine, they take on an avatar unlike any you’ve tried before. For this, we’ve created a fool-proof mechanism and handmade processes that ensure you get the benefits of the fruit, and enjoy the taste of wine too!

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