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The Journey Journal

Bringing in a solution for agricultural prowess and cultural mingling, we’re building an ecosystem that truly resonates the authentic feel of being healthy, exuberant and full of life!

Our date with the ecosystem

Our growing years in Rajasthan saw close encounters with agriculture and entrepreneurship. What caught our fancy was the rich crop of ‘dates’ that grew abundantly in dry regions like Jaisalmer in Rajasthan and Kutchch in Gujarat.

Dates are called kharekh in Hindi, and often referred to as ‘God-fruit’. They take almost four years to grow after their seeds are sown… Once ripe, the fruit is best consumed within 15 days. Because of its short life span, the entire date harvest seldom gets sold in the farmer’s market.

Quick to ferment

Dates primarily go through three quick stages of ripening:

1. Raw – When the fruit is starting to develop
2. Ripe – When the fruit is ready to be consumed
3. Overripe – when it starts to self-ferment.

Since farmers can’t sell the full crop in a limited time frame, they dry the remaining for future consumption.

A sweet solution

That’s when we had our Eureka moment… Why not use the natural ability of dates to ferment quickly, and convert them into wine! In this way, dates would gain a longer life, and wine connoisseurs would have a healthier drink. This led us to look at other fruits with similar qualities …and soon we had a whole range of fruit wines!

The process of perfection

Winemaking is a slow process, and the introduction of newer fruits, meant we had to conduct extensive research and development. We first understood the fruit’s lifecycle, and then what it tasted like as a wine.

Our team of wine experts soon put their heads together, and helped us produce fruit wines that have a perfect balance of taste and alcohol content. We also built custom machines to ensure we went through the journey, from fruit to wine, with complete precision and detail.

Four generations of expertise

Our founding team comprises of four generations of wine experts, with a cumulative experience of more than 200 years. Not to mention, each brings to the table their own effervescence for fine taste and a good life. Since inception, the quality of our products, our goodwill, and an astute market sense, have helped us reach thousands of satisfied customers across India and the world.

More indigenous wine fruits…

Indian farms are full of fruits that could be bottled for an extended lifespan…pomegranate is one such. We are in the process of discovering similar fruits that can be enjoyed in their overripe, fermented forms and consumed in a tasty package.

The future of wine

With more people looking at organic options, and with such rich agricultural diversity present in our country India, it is only natural that more fruity wines will enter the wine landscape. This will eventually reduce the burden on vineyards, and also provide more options to wine connoisseurs.

Soon, a variety of fast-fermenting fruit will be bottled into fine-tasting, healthy, non-spirited wines…that you can sip more of, and savor for years to come!

If you’re younger than 21 , you’ll have to wait longer, for others, well just a moment!

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