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Our Team

“The people that work here with us are as dedicated as we are. They are part of the Zorba Family!”

Ranjit Singh Bakthawar Singh Batth

A perfect triumvirate of the oldie-goldie-boldie clan, Ranjit who is aged 60 hails from Ludhiana and is a farmer for the state since long. With an immaculate experience in transportation and related fields, the man has rocked the proprietorship of Ratan Enterprises for four years. Ranjit Singh looks after the procurement of raw material at Zorba Wines. From selecting the fruit, fruit quality and quantity till it goes for processing he ensures the essence and vison of Zorba wines to be the same every time a bottle gets opened in your hand.

Priyanka Gupta

With remarkable recommendation from business tycoons of Wine making industry, Priyanka P. Gupta is the oenologist at Zorba Wines with ample amount of experience to make the product range outstanding. Her various experimentations over the years have resulted to lower the cost of production without compromising on the quality. Date wines was impossible to be manufactured and processed in India, but because of her sheer dedication and confidence in making bold decisions this new exotic trend of Wines was introduced to the world. At 29 Priyanka has successfully achieved such milestone which no one could have ever imagined. She attends every wine tasting event to personally talk to people to receive the feedback about Zorba wines so that she can introduce new varieties of wines in near future. 

Jaswant Singh Saini

Cheers to a man of few words, but of great wisdom. Our complete dose of fun and frolic at Zorba, Jaswant is an energized man close to his half-century and houses a larger-than-life business of hospitality at Viramgam; enclosing his own restaurant and guest house. Another arm of him extends to CSR activities in various social organizations in the town itself. Staying into hotel business since last 3 decades and being a punjabi at heart, he made sure the production and processing of Zorba Wines to be superior than other brands.  Jaswant, at 49 is actively participating in enhancing the production rate, parallelly maintaining the quality of product range represented by Zorba Wines. 

Biting off more than what is chewable for 30 years, Jassy is a hit!

Ramandeep Singh R. Batth

The initial R of this man expands to- Resource, Revolutionary, and our absolute favorite glass of Red Wine. Ramandeeep happens to be aged 37 and houses a Post Graduate degree in Business Management. Ramandeep exhibits Zorba across the globe in terms of premium wine brand hosting wine tasting events. His contribution has been valuable in establishing Zorba as the only brand with a patent of date wine.  This man has turned out to be the bang of the buck for the company!

Harpreet Singh Saini

Funny-peculiar, Happy at Zorba enjoys munching every bite of the nut and is a happy-go-lucky soul with glittering degrees in engineering and later, Business Management. The 30-year old lad has poured in his energy in Commercial and Marketing Department and holds an astute experience in dealing with vendors and third-party entities. His passion of introducing something unique in the Wine industry leads him to set up worldwide platform for Zorba Wines.  Currently Zorba Wines is the only company which produces wine from dates, which makes it an exclusively unique product in wine industry.  An embodied powerhouse and a shoulder to lean on, this man is a bunch of enthusiasm and entertainment!

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