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The Process

Long grown, short-lived fruits deserve a longer time to exist and for everyone to reap the goodness. From understanding the fruit to breaking the mechanism, we used a mix of science and the essence of handmade processes to bring out the best of both!

When we began to see dates and other quick-to-ferment fruits from an agricultural perspective, we saw issues faced by the farmers, slowly as we found a solution, and it became a wider eco-system. The process of turning a fruit into wine is a long one, and especially for dates, we had to chart out research and development from scratch.

In our journey towards enhancing the ecosystem, the first step was a pilot project in Nashik. With dates from the dry-arid regions of Rajasthan and Kutchch, we worked towards extensive research and development of understanding the fruit, the temperatures, the stages of the fruit – raw, ripe and overripe – which is when it starts to ferment. A humane network, some parts of the process are done manually, to bring out the best in the drink! Rajasthan first winery is supported well by the Rajasthan government.

The Process

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