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Why can’t celebrations be healthy and authentic?

Well, that’s no more a trouble. With fruits now turned into wine, your next happy moment can be full of new experiences that bring positivity. Experience the goodness of indigenous, authentic, home-grown fruits from India and enjoy the enchanted non-spirited wines that bring exuberance, good health and well being.

Kharekhi | A date with dates

Date Wine

Luscious, flavorsome and sweet, dates grown in the dry-arid regions of Kutchch and Rajasthan are a short-lived delicacy after ripening. Here’s our tribute to giving the divine, god-fruit a longer life! Savor the goodness of date fruit, one that improves heart, head, and bone health in a form you’ve never tasted before with the first patented date wine.

Tasting Notes

The well-aged white wine embodies a crisp golden-yellow color. The aroma and intrinsic flavors leave you with a great aftertaste, with the most appealing taste between 8-10 o The wine is tank aged, and the vintage year is 2017.

Food Pairing

We recommend pairing your date wine with foods like honeyed salads, goat cheese, grilled veggies, prunes, nuts, roasted chicken drumstick, hot smoked salmon, pasta salad, fish cake, lime & coriander chicken, Thai chicken curry and similar palates.

Dadambi | Let the happy times start

Pomegranate Wine

Sweet treats of pomegranate are ones we have been savoring, what about giving the fruit a longer life? At Zorba, we believe in living each day to the fullest and giving ourselves a long-lived boost – and such is the goodness of pomegranate wine, without any added spirits, the wine is all-natural and helps to keep your hormones and heart in check!

Tasting Notes

Garnet tinted wine with an aromatic presence and appeal is served best at 12-14 o Tank aged, this wine’s vintage year is 2017. A smooth finish and aftertaste make it truly ecstatic!

Food Pairing

We recommend pairing pomegranate wine with foods like blue cheese, meatballs, roasted turkey, seared salmon, chargrilled steak, cheeseburgers, pasta with red sauce, barbeque sauces with chicken(preferably spicy), herbed rice with pesto sauce and fries.

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